by Erin V

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May 2019 ▬ Strawberry-basil ermine buttercream with vanilla cake

July 2019

Dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry ermine buttercream. Rosette decoration and dark chocolate drip.
Strawberry-basil ermine buttercream with smooth edges
Dark chocolate cupcakes with Mexican chocolate ermine buttercream

Chocolate Port Wine cake

Dark chocolate cake ▬ Port wine ermine and goat cheese ermine buttercream ▬ 4" cake with 3 layers

May, 2019

Black tea & lavender cake, with black tea ermine buttercream, and honey ermine rosettes. Finished with royal icing decoration.

Dark Chocolate Cherry

Dark chocolate cupcakes with cherry ermine buttercream and dark chocolate shavings
Cereal milk infused cake with cereal milk ermine buttercream, crushed Froot Loops filling, and white chocolate drip
4" cake with 4 layers

Galaxy sourdough loaf

Beet puree and butterfly pea flowers used for coloring
Browned butter cupcakes with browned butter ermine buttercream
Dark chocolate porter cake with Kahlua ermine buttercream and a chocolate porter drip

Decemer 2018

Mini apple pie

February 2019

Lemon blueberry no-bake cheesecake with a cashew and date crust
Brioche burger buns with black and white sesame seeds

Rainbow Sourdough, June, 2019

All natural colorings. Pureed beets, butterfly pea flowers, matcha, pureed carrots, and turmeric.
Crumb coat